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Best Tarot Decks for Beginners

What are the best tarot decks for beginners? Ready to embark on a mystical journey with the tarot, but feeling confused about how to choose the perfect tarot deck? Look no further! Choosing the right tarot deck is essential for beginners like you. It’s not just about aesthetics though; it’s about finding a deck that resonates with your energy and guides you on this enchanting path of self-discovery.

Tarot decks come in various styles, from traditional designs to contemporary masterpieces. Each deck has its own unique symbolism and interpretation, making it crucial to find one that speaks directly to your soul. With countless options flooding the market, reading reviews can be overwhelming, but fear not! We’ve got you covered.

In this guide, we’ll explore some of the best tarot card decks for beginners of all ages. So let’s dive in and discover your perfect first deck—the key to unlocking a world of wisdom and intuition!

What Makes a Good Tarot Card Deck for Beginners?

There are several factors to consider. A quality deck should have clear and easy-to-understand illustrations, a comprehensive guidebook with explanations of card meanings, and a beginner-friendly structure and organization. Some decks even have the meanings printed right on the card! Perfect for beginner tarot readers.

Clear and Easy-to-Understand Illustrations

One of the most important aspects of a tarot deck for beginners is the clarity of its illustrations. As newcomers to tarot, beginners may find it overwhelming if the artwork on the cards is overly complex or abstract. A good deck should have illustrations that are visually appealing yet straightforward, making it easier for beginners to connect with the imagery and interpret the cards’ meanings. It also makes sense to start with more traditional tarot imagery in your first deck. This will allow you to fully understand the tradition as you branch out into more modern interpretations. 

Rider Waite Tarot Cards
Rider Waite Tarot Deck
Modern Witch Tarot Deck
Modern Witch Tarot Deck

For example:

The Rider-Waite Tarot Deck is renowned for its clear and easily recognizable illustrations. Each card depicts scenes that are relatable and easy to interpret. This deck is the traditional style that most people think of when they mention tarot.

The Modern Witch Tarot by Lisa Sterle features vibrant and modern artwork that resonates with younger audiences while maintaining simplicity in design. This deck also incorporates many traditional symbols.

Best Tarot Decks for Beginners: Comprehensive Guidebook with Explanations

A quality tarot deck for beginners should come with a guidebook that provides detailed explanations of each card’s meaning. This guidebook serves as an essential tool in understanding the symbolism behind the cards and how they relate to various aspects of life. It should offer insights into different interpretations, allowing beginners to develop their own intuitive connection with the cards.

For instance:

The “Tarot Made Easy” guidebook by Nancy Garen provides concise explanations of each card’s meaning along with sample readings, making it accessible for beginners.

“The Ultimate Guide to Tarot” by Liz Dean offers comprehensive information about every aspect of tarot reading, including in-depth descriptions of individual cards and their symbolism.

Beginner-Friendly Structure and Organization

Another crucial factor in selecting a tarot deck suitable for beginners is its structure and organization. A well-structured deck will have a logical sequence that allows beginners to easily navigate through the cards and understand their relationships. It should also provide helpful prompts or keywords on the cards themselves, aiding beginners in recalling their meanings.

Tarot Illuminati Deck
Tarot Illuminati Deck

The “Tarot Illuminati” deck is a super cool deck that is perfect for beginners who want to start their tarot journey. It was created by Kim Huggens and Erik C. Dunne, two really talented artists who know a lot about tarot. This deck has a special system that helps beginners understand the cards better. The cards have symbols and colors that are the same throughout the whole deck, which makes it easier to understand what they mean. It’s like a secret code that only you can crack! So if you’re just starting out with tarot and you want a deck that’s easy to learn from, the “Tarot Illuminati” deck is definitely a great choice for you!

Tarot Decks with Meanings Printed on the Cards

Tarot decks with meanings printed on the cards can be incredibly helpful for beginners on their tarot journey. These decks are designed with the intention of providing immediate guidance and insight, making them accessible and user-friendly for those who are new to tarot reading.

One of the main advantages of using tarot decks with meanings printed on the cards is that they eliminate the need for constant reference to guidebooks or memorization of card interpretations. Beginners can simply look at the cards and instantly have access to their meanings, allowing for a smoother and more intuitive reading experience. This can greatly reduce the initial learning curve and help newcomers feel more confident and comfortable in their tarot practice.

Having meanings printed on the cards also encourages a direct connection between the visual symbolism and the interpretation of each card. Beginners can easily identify and associate the symbols, images, and keywords on the cards with their respective meanings, helping them develop a stronger understanding of the tarot system as a whole.

Practice Makes Perfect With Tarot for Beginners

When you first start out learning to read the tarot, it may feel completely overwhelming! Let me reassure you that this is completely normal. Be sure to give yourself a break, and enjoy the learning process instead of putting undue pressure on yourself to learn more quickly. One of my favorite ways to help tarot beginners learn is by using a deck that keeps it simple, and provides meanings for both the upright and reversed meaning right on the cards! This deck, “Tarot Cards for Beginners” by Rockridge Press is one of my favorites for the the following reasons:

  •  Large Cards: Easy to read and easy to see the imagery. 
  • Meanings on the Card: Upright and reversed meanings on the cards.
  • Sample Spreads: Provides sample spreads to get you started ASAP!

Here are a few more tarot decks with the meanings written on the cards:

Juju Vibes Sunset Tarot Deck, Witchy Cauldron Beginner Tarot , Black and White Classic Tarot .

Finding the Perfect Tarot Deck for Your Beginner Journey

Finding the perfect tarot deck for your journey as a beginner is an exciting and personal process. It’s important to consider what makes a good tarot card deck for beginners, such as clear imagery and symbolism that is easy to interpret.

The Radiant Rider-Waite Tarot is a classic choice for beginners, offering a traditional yet accessible approach to tarot readings. Its iconic illustrations and comprehensive guidebook make it a reliable option for those starting out on their tarot journey.

However, if you prefer decks with simpler imagery, there are plenty of easy-to-use options available. These decks focus on deciphering imagery rather than relying heavily on traditional symbolism, making them more approachable for beginners who may feel overwhelmed by complex visuals.

Remember that finding the best tarot deck ultimately comes down to personal preference. Trust your intuition and choose a deck that resonates with you on an emotional level. Experiment with different decks until you find one that speaks to your unique journey.

Best Tarot Decks for Beginners FAQs

Q: Can I use any tarot deck as a beginner?

While any deck can be used by beginners, it’s recommended to start with a deck specifically designed for beginners. These decks often provide helpful guidebooks and simplified imagery to facilitate the learning process.

Q: How do I know which tarot deck is right for me?

The best way to determine which tarot deck is right for you is by connecting with the energy of different decks. Look at the artwork, read descriptions, and trust your intuition. Choose a deck that resonates with you on a personal level.

Q: Are there any tarot decks that are easier to interpret?

Yes, there are tarot decks available that feature simpler imagery and symbolism, making them easier for beginners to interpret. Look for decks that have clear illustrations and straightforward meanings.

Q: Can I use multiple tarot decks as a beginner?

Absolutely! Many tarot enthusiasts use multiple decks in their practice. Experimenting with different decks can deepen your understanding of the cards and provide fresh perspectives on readings.

Q: How long does it take to learn how to read tarot cards as a beginner?

The time it takes to learn how to read tarot cards varies from person to person. It depends on factors such as dedication, practice, and natural intuition. With consistent effort, beginners can start reading basic spreads within a few weeks or months.

Q: Do I need any additional resources besides the tarot deck itself?

While not necessary, additional resources such as books or online tutorials can be beneficial in expanding your knowledge of tarot meanings and interpretations. They can provide guidance and deepen your understanding of this ancient divination tool.

Q: Is it important to cleanse my new tarot deck before using it?

Cleansing your new tarot deck is a personal preference. Some practitioners believe it helps remove any residual energies from previous owners or manufacturing processes. You can cleanse your deck by smudging it with sage, placing it under moonlight, or using other cleansing rituals.

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