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The Sun Tarot Card Meanings

The Sun Tarot Card

Quick Facts About The Sun Tarot Card

The Sun card, numbered XIX (19) in the Major Arcana, is a beacon of radiant energy in the tarot deck. Traditionally, it depicts a jubilant child riding a white horse under a large, brilliant sun, often amid a field of blooming sunflowers. The Sun, often linked with the conscious mind, is a card of enlightenment, vitality, and newfound clarity.

In numerology, the number 19 can be reduced to 1 (1+9=10, 1+0=1), which represents new beginnings, leadership, and innovation. Historically, cultures worldwide have revered the sun as a source of life and light, giving it a prominent place in mythology, art, and symbolism.

Keywords for The Sun Tarot

UPRIGHT: Joy, Success, Celebration, Enlightenment, Positivity, Vitality, Optimism, Happiness, Growth, Energy, Clarity.

REVERSED: Temporary Depression, Delayed Success, Lack of Confidence, Sadness, Pessimism, Low Energy, Lost Opportunities, Disappointment. 

The Sun Tarot Upright

When drawn upright, the Sun signifies success, abundance, and radiance. It beams down a message of strength and reassurance, letting you know that wherever life takes you, your radiant energy will light your path, attract positivity, and engender joy. Your optimism and warmth draw people towards you, as you illuminate the brighter side of life, serving as a beacon of hope in a world that often feels dark.

The Sun upright also signifies the unique ability to share your achievements and qualities with others. It encourages you to shine, to project your best self onto the world, to radiate love and warmth towards those you hold dear.

Furthermore, if you find yourself amidst challenges or setbacks, the Sun brings the uplifting message of hope: the certainty that things will improve. It whispers tales of resilience, of how you’ve navigated through life’s storms, and emerged with a profound understanding of your purpose. The Sun predicts a future rich with success, abundance, and a renewed zest for life. It fills you with confidence, nurturing the belief that everything will eventually align, because, in the grand scheme of life, it always does.

This card is deeply tied to your personal power, not the kind rooted in fear or ego, but the divine, bountiful energy that emanates from within. This power radiates from your Solar Plexus chakra, urging you to be your authentic self, to be fully engaged with the world. You possess what others seek—your radiant energy and unique gifts. The Sun encourages you to utilize this power positively, to radiate these gifts outward.

Lastly, the Sun is a card teeming with vibrant energy. It marks a time of increased physical vitality, positivity, and boundless enthusiasm. The Sun emboldens you to embrace life, invigorated, filled with a sense of revitalized health, and abundant positivity.

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The Sun Tarot Reversed

When the Sun appears reversed in a reading, it may suggest an internal struggle to see the positive, a potential blockage hindering your path to success. This is not a negative card by any means; it maintains an undercurrent of optimism. It merely encourages you to re-evaluate your perspectives, urging you to uncover the joy that may seem currently veiled.

In a reversed position, the Sun may indicate a need for introspection, for assessing what it is that’s casting a shadow over your inner light. It’s a gentle nudge, asking you to identify these barriers, and a reassurance that you have the power to overcome them. The Sun reversed is a call to introspection, a journey towards inner clarity.

It may also hint at an overuse of one’s personal power, a state of being too consumed by the desire to shine, that you unintentionally overshadow others. Alternatively, it could also signify the opposite, where you are underutilizing your potential, dimming your light more than you should.

This card is a reminder that balance is key; that your power is a gift to be used wisely, not to overpower or undersell, but to coexist and complement. Just as the Sun shares its light with the moon, guiding it through the night, you are asked to share your light with others, to guide, to inspire, and to enlighten.

The Sun Tarot in a Yes Or No Reading

A big, bright, shiny YES! Throw on your sunglasses because the Sun card is gleaming with positivity. It’s like a high five from the Universe, signaling success, jubilation, and an overflowing cup of joy. So, if you’re asking if the Sun card’s answer is ‘yes’, it’s not just a ‘yes’, it’s a ‘YES!’ with jazz hands, confetti, and a joyous fanfare. Just imagine the sunniest day ever, filled with laughter, light, and good vibes. That’s the energy you’re tapping into with this card. So sit back, bask in the sunshine, and enjoy the good times ahead!

Tarot Power Combination

The sun tarot card + the magician

The Sun and The Magician together make a powerful combination. The Magician signifies manifesting your desires and turning your visions into reality. Paired with The Sun, this indicates not only will you have the resources and power to manifest your desires but also that the outcome will bring joy, fulfillment, and positivity.

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